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Allison Bamford, Bamford Print, Heywood, Lancashire

An Ambirad VS40LF, radiant tube heater was installed into this printing workshop in January 2013. A short time after the installation of this heater, the customer reported a fault on the radiant unit that we had fitted. Once the office was aware of the problem, the manufacturer was asked to assist in rectifying it. Regrettably this took a little time to sort out (booking engineers in etc.), but we are pleased that our customer is now happy with the heating that has been fitted. On 18/7/13, Allison said:

"Our initial contact with Warmco was good; the office was very helpful. The survey was done at the date and time that we arranged, which we have found to be increasingly rare. The price was good and the installation went well. The heater looks great and the engineer took his time to explain how it worked. Although our initial problems did not receive a response straight away, once we contacted the Warmco Office, with the help of the manufacturer, the issue was resolved. Since the initial problems were sorted out, we've had no further problems with the heater. Despite the problems that we experienced, we would still be happy to recommend Warmco"

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