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Bernhard Brown, Red Dragon Re-treading, Bridgend, S. Wales - November 2013

Warmco installed two Winterwarm (TR80 and TR60), suspended, natural gas fired, warm air space heaters into this manufacturing area in November 2013.

"Everything was right with the job. The ordering process was really easy; just a quick email generated the quote. We got a local company in to compare, but the Warmco quote was better all round. It was detailed, so we knew exactly what we were getting and most importantly, it was cheaper. Warmco were easy people to deal with. I was given good advice over the phone; I felt confident that the sales people knew what they were talking about. For example, they advised me on the size of meter to order. The guys who came to complete the installation were very good. They were very clean and tidy and caused us no hassle. I really couldn't fault them. We knew when we chose Warmco that we were buying a slightly superior product (being made in the Netherlands), and one that I hope will stand the test of time. They are working well. I am definitely a happy customer; one who would be happy to recommend Warmco."

Ian Chubb, Deuren Ltd, Lepton, Huddersfield - October 2013

We were commissioned to install a TR50 suspended, natural gas fired, warm air space heater into this joiners' workshop in October 2013.

"We found Warmco to be a very easy company to deal with and the process of getting heating installed by them was a very easy one. We were very happy with the survey experience and the advice given. The prices quoted were competitive. The installers were spot-on. We had a small issue with the settings on the control panel after installation, but it was sorted quickly by Warmco."

Shelley Taylor, Hartlepool Gymnastics Club, Hartlepool - October 2013

Warmco installed two Winterwarm (a TR80 and a TR60), suspended, natural gas fired, warm air space heaters into this Gymnasium in October 2013.

"Our experience of dealing with Warmco was good. The installation was carried out efficiently. Everything works as it should. We are happy with the work carried out for us."

Dave Salmon, Cavalier Bathrooms, Keighley - August 2013

Warmco installed a Winterwarm TR80, suspended, natural gas fired, warm air space heater into this manufacturing area in August 2013.

"Cavalier Bathrooms are an existing customer of Warmco and they commented that “based on the efficiency of the first heater installed, we decided to come back to you for another. A big bonus for us was that we were able to have our existing heater serviced, whilst having the new one fitted; saving us money and reducing disruption to our work. The office was great, the quote was quick to arrive, we arranged a time to install and they came and did it. Everything ran on time. The engineers were great at working round us. They had a positive attitude, got on with the job and worked overtime, until it was done. They worked independently, moved things where necessary and didn't in any way stop me getting on with my job. We were really pleased with the job that Warmco did."

Max Yates, Sport and Playbase Ltd, Skelmanthorpe, Huddersfield - September 2013

Warmco installed a Winterwarm TR28, suspended, natural gas fired, warm air space heater into this packing area in September 2013.

"Having worked with Warmco before, we asked them to quote for the replacement of a condemned, Reznor UDSA25 heater. The process was very efficient and quick as all of our communications were able to be done by email, using just a plan of the building and a photo of the heater that needed to be replaced. Since it was a direct replacement, we didn't need a site survey, and as we had used Warmco before we trusted them to get the job right. As is often the case, we left the organisation of new heating until the weather got colder, but we were lucky that because Warmco had an installation slot in their schedule free, the turnaround from our initial enquiry to the installation commencing, was only eight days. The price quoted was good. The whole process was very quick and efficient and now everyone is warm and happy. Having used Warmco twice now, and having been very satisfied with the service offered, we would definitely use them again and wouldn't hesitate to recommend them to other potential customers."

Craig Foster, Designer Habitat, Bolton, Manchester - October 2012

Warmco installed three Winterwarm TR100 suspended, natural gas fired, warm air space heaters into this 32000 sq. ft. distribution warehouse in October 2012.

"Having our heating fitted by Warmco was a painless experience. We agreed a price, agreed a time and all of the deliveries and work were then carried according to the agreed schedule. It was an efficient process, which was carried out alongside us moving into these new premises. The whole operation was carried out with no problems."

Gary, USG Gledco, Leeds

Warmco installed a Benson PVN30, floor standing cabinet heater, two Winterwarm TR28s, and a TR20 suspended, natural gas fired, warm air space heater into this workshop in September 2013.

"The quote arrived quickly, and after a slight delay due to summer holidays, we got the job booked in. The fitters were polite and the work that they did was good. They got stuck into the job and off they went. The end result was good. They left the area clean and tidy. Our experience of Warmco was fine; we encountered no problems."

John Dunn, Allington Kia Motors, Ashington, Northumberland

Warmco installed a Winterwarm XR40 suspended, natural gas fired, warm air space heater into the showroom and a Winterwarm TR50 suspended, gas fired, heater into their workshop area in June 2013.

"From the initial enquiry we were very pleased with our experience of Warmco. They offered us a free survey, which was informative and from which they provided us with a very detailed quotation. The engineers were a good pair of lads, who got on with job. Although we haven't used the heaters yet for warmth, we used the fans in the summer and they worked well. We are over the moon with the general experience of dealing with Warmco and we would definitely recommend them."

Mark Brown, Limbs and Things, Bristol

Warmco installed a Winterwarm TR100, suspended, natural gas fired, warm air space heater into this manufacturing area in June 2013.

"We had a very good experience of dealing with Warmco. Their office was very easy to deal with; they gave us all of the relevant information in a detailed specification, to ensure that we were able to pass the quotation through internal channels to get the go-ahead. Issues with our gas supply meant that the installation had to be postponed several times, but Warmco were very understanding of the delay and worked round us very flexibly. The installation was carried out very quickly and efficiently. The engineers were really friendly and helpful. They answered all of my questions on the control panel, leaving us confident that we knew how to use the heating system. They cleaned the area really well; you almost wouldn't have known that they had been there. Overall we were very happy with our experience of dealing with Warmco."

Giovanni, Cinefilm Recycling Services Ltd, Denham, Buckinghamshire

Warmco installed a Winterwarm TR50, suspended, natural gas fired, warm air space heater into this Film Recycling Warehouse in December 2012.

"Dealing with the guys in the office was great. Everything was explained in full and the whole process was very smooth. The machine was delivered as agreed, on time. The fitters were on time and the heater was fitted well. They gave us a full run-down on how it worked and their explanations were clear. I couldn't have asked for anything else. I was very happy with the service offered all round"

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