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What type of spaces would a warm air system be good for?
A warm air heating system is ideal for open spaces, ranging from a small area of 500 square feet to large industrial or commercial spaces. These systems suit a variety of uses such as factories, workshops, garages, open plan offices, distribution warehouses, retail spaces and children's play areas. They are designed to be installed in buildings, where the use of the area does not require the doors to be kept open and also where the user wishes to heat the whole space within the building. In some circumstances it is possible to heat smaller areas separated from the main heated space (eg offices), using a ducted system.

What temperatures can they achieve?
The system can be designed to reach your specific temperature requirements. So, for example, it could give basic frost protection in a warehouse, or could keep operatives warm in a factory. The Reznor heaters that we use have the capacity to provide instant heat, warming buildings quickly (depending on outside temperature and capacity of chosen model being sufficient). The heater fans can also be used in summer to provide ventilation.

Where would you situate the heater?
To save floor space, the heaters are normally suspended from the structure of the building. However, floor standing cabinet heaters can be used in larger buildings where a bigger heat output is required and where there is no limitation on space available.

What fuels can I use?
Our warm air heaters can be powered by using natural gas, propane (bulk/bottle supply) or 28 or 35 sec oil, depending on your location and requirements.

How do I control the heating system?
Warmco warm air heating systems are operated using a Winterwarm DB8 control panel. This allows the user of the system to have seven day programming, day and night time temperature settings for frost protection, zoned temperature control and the capacity to create the correct working temperature for the start of the working day. The DB8 panel also automatically modulates the heat/air output from the heater this allows the heater to heat the area more efficiently and will save up to 30% on running costs. The control panel has a failure diagnosis system, so if a fault occurs on the heater our engineers are aware of which parts to bring if there is a breakdown on the heater.

Energy Efficiency and Enhanced Capital Allowance?
The majority of the heaters that we install are very energy efficient and qualify for the Government's Energy Technology List. This is a tax incentive scheme encouraging businesses to purchase products with greater energy efficiency. The customer purchasing listed equipment is eligible to claim 100% Enhanced Capital Allowance, within the first year (more details on this are available from Warmco when discussing your heating requirements).

What are the advantages of installing destratification (heat recovery) fans?
Destratification fans are installed in the roof of the building to help recirculate the warm air that the heaters create. This redistribution helps to raise the temperature in the building and keep it high, thus reducing fuel costs considerably. The key advantages are:

  • Heat is continually circulated
  • Reduces heat losses
  • Energy saving, up to 30%!
  • Ventilation in the summer

What are your terms and conditions?
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