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Retail Heating Solution for Mhist, Bolton

Mhist, Bolton

We received a telephone enquiry from this leading mental health charity in January 2017. They were looking for a heating solution for their 3000 sq ft retail unit in Bolton and had approached several companies for ideas. We sent out a quotation within the day and were asked to follow up with a survey which led to Warmco being instructed to install a heating system in early May 2017.

We installed one Winterwarm / Warmco TR60 high efficiency gas fired heater that has a modulating heat output from 60kw to 38kw. The heater was suspended from the roof supports 2.5m from the floor and angled into the retail area. We installed a wall penetration room sealed outlet flue with four 90 degree bends so that the heater could be situated in the customer's preferred location. This heater is designed to spin 180 degrees which enabled us to install the flue more easily through the outside wall.

Showroom Heating Solution for Coral Windows, Wakefield, West Yorkshire

Coral Windows, Wakefield

In December 2016 Warmco were asked to install a Winterwarm TR80, natural gas fired, suspended, warm air space heater into this 3,000 sq.ft. showroom space, as a replacement for the old 60kw Combat heater, as this was not bringing the air in the space up to the desired temperature.

The floor standing Combat heater in this showroom was struggling to achieve the desired temperature in the space, so we were invited to come in and replace it with a more efficient, suspended, Winterwarm TR60, warm air heater. This modulating heater has a heat output of 60kw, which can be used to get the space up to temperature. However, once this has been achieved, it has the capacity to modulate its heat output down to 38kw, to 'top up' the heat as required. This will offer our customer a typical fuel cost saving of up to 30% against their older non-modulating models of heater. The project was completed within a day, to try to minimise the disruption to our customer.

Retail Heating Solution for MDS Car Sales, Wakefield, West Yorkshire

MDS Car Sales, Wakefield

In October 2016 Warmco were asked to install a TR28 Winterwarm, natural gas fired, suspended, warm air space heater into this car showroom in Wakefield, West Yorkshire.

This customer invited us to install a Winterwarm TR28, suspended, warm air heater into these 3000 sq.ft. premises, that they had recently moved into. The TR28 heater has a maximum heat output of 28kw, which can be used to get the space up to temperature. However, once this has been achieved, it has the capacity to modulate its heat output down to 13kw. This modulation feature offers a typical fuel cost saving of up to 30% against standard non-modulating models of heater. We also installed two Benson (IMI400) low velocity sweep fans, which were selected to be especially quiet. The addition of this technology allows the redistribution of the heat that would normally gather at the high levels of this seven metre high building. Typically, the addition of this type of equipment, can offer a fuel cost saving of around 30% to the end user.

Retail Heating Solution for Wards Nurseries and Garden Centres Ltd, Dronfield, Derbyshire.

Wards Nurseries, Dronfield

In September 2015 Warmco were asked to install a Winterwarm TR50, natural gas fired, suspended, warm air space heater into this 3,000 sq.ft, retail space for this garden centre.

These 3000 sq. ft. premises had previously been heated using three, Powrmatic, PGUH 200 space heaters and this customer invited us to decommission and replace these old, obsolete heaters, with more modern, efficient equivalents. In their place, we installed a Winterwarm TR50 unit heater, which has a maximum heat output of 50kw, which can be used to get the space up to temperature. However, once this has been achieved, it has the capacity to modulate its heat output down to 32kw, to 'top up' the heat as required. This can offer a typical fuel cost saving of up to 30% against standard non-modulating models. On this job we were able to extend new flue through an existing opening, reducing the need to break through the roof. This project was completed in one day to create minimal disruption to the customer.

Retail Heating Solution for WLD Textiles, York

WLD Textiles, York

In January 2016 Warmco were asked to install a Benson PVN30, natural gas fired, floor standing, warm air space heater into this 2,000 sq.ft, retail space for this textiles company in York.

This customer asked us to remove an older, oversized and expensive heater and to replace it with our Benson, floor-standing PVN30 heater. In this area there was nowhere to suspend the heater from, so we recommended replacement with another floor-standing model. This heater has a heat output of 30kw, which can be used to get the space up to temperature and the twin nozzle model chosen, allowed the heat to be blown in two directions, distributing the heat throughout the space. This heater was fitted with a room sealed flue, which draws clean air for the burner from outside the building, so the burner can burn most efficiently.

Showroom Heating Solution for Kia Cars, Ashington, Northumberland

Kia Showroom

In June 2013, we installed two, natural gas fired heaters into these brand new, purpose built, premises in Northumberland. Firstly a compact, suspended, Winterwarm XR40, warm air heater was installed into the 3000 sq.ft. showroom area and a larger Winterwarm TR50, warm air heater was suspended in their 3000 sq.ft. workshop.

Showroom - The heater selected for this showroom area needed to be compact, and aesthetically in keeping with the design of the showroom. The customer selected the Winterwarm XR40, suspended, warm air heater (shown in the first photo), because its dimensions at 670mm(h), 795mm(w) and 650mm(d), made it unobtrusive, and its modern design meant that it fit well into the decorative scheme. This heater has a modulation feature as standard, so that at full output it gives 40kw of heat to get the space to temperature, but it can automatically reduce output to 24kw once the desired temperature is reached, reducing noise and potentially reducing fuel costs by 30%. To increase the efficiency of the heating system further, we also installed two Benson, impellor low velocity fans, to redistribute the heat rising to the top of this space (7.8m at the apex). Operating on a slower setting than standard destratification fans, these quieter ones are well suited to the showroom environment. To give additional flexibility and control, we added a speed controller, to vary the speed and noise levels of the fans still further.

Workshop This workshop area, although the same size as the Kia showroom had a roller shutter door which occasionally would let cold air into the space. We installed a slightly bigger TR50 (see second photo), suspended warm air heater to offer a faster warm up time in this area. To increase cost efficiency, this heater modulates from 50kw on warm up, down to 32kw once the area is to temperature. Additionally, a Winterwarm WCU40 destratification fan, redistributing the warm air at the upper levels, was installed to help to make the heating system even more efficient.

This project was completed in two and a half days, exactly according to the schedule given to the customer.

Showroom Heating Solution for Junction 17, Yaxley, Peterborough

Junction 17 Winterwarm TR80

In February 2013, Warmco installed a Winterwarm TR80, natural gas fired, warm air, space heater into this 10,000 sq.ft. car showroom.

We installed this suspended warm air heater into this modern portal framed building, within a day, in February 2013. This heater modulates from 76kw down to 47kw, once the area is up to temperature. The modulation feature on this TR80, is ideal for the showroom environment because the fans within the heater do not run at full capacity all of the time; thus reducing the noise levels. The customer was looking for the most cost effective heating option possible, so one large warm air unit heater was installed to keep costs down.

Showroom Heating Solution for Victor CNC (UK) Ltd at Rochdale, Lancashire

Victor Europe Ltd Winterwarm TR100

Within this 4500 sq. ft. showroom space, Warmco installed a Winterwarm TR100 suspended, natural gas, warm air heater. This large area was used for the display of machining tools and had two existing Powrmatic PGUH (50kw) suspended heaters, which were unreliable and by modern standards, inefficient. We suggested replacing these with one larger TR100 warm air heater, which can modulate down from 101kw, right down to 65kw, when the higher level of output is not required. As this building was 8m high at the apex, we also suggested the installation of two destratification fans to push down the heat that would otherwise accumulate in the apex. Warmco managed the whole project; from the taking down of the existing heaters, right through to the electrics and making good of the roof.

Showroom Heating Solution for Mark Andy UK Ltd, Macclesfield, Cheshire

Two Winterwarm TR50, suspended, natural gas, warm air heaters were installed within this printing showroom, in February 2012. The customer was in the process of updating and redecorating their showroom and a fast response time was essential. Within two weeks of the initial enquiry, (and before the decorators were on site), we were able to respond with an installation that lasted two days. Prior to commencing work, we were able to assist the customer by removing three old, obsolete Powrmatic heaters from the site.

The TR50 heaters have a modulating heat/air output of 50kw, down to 32kw, as standard. When the space is not quite to temperature, the heater and fan can work at lower outputs, to gently 'top up' the room temperature, using less fuel. Not only is this quieter, which is clearly important in this showroom environment, but it also is more efficient and saves our customer money.

Winterwarm TR50 installed in the Mark Andy Ltd Back Room Winterwarm TR50 installed in the Mark Andy Ltd Showroom

Showroom Heating Solution for CB Imports at Wakefield, West Yorkshire

We installed three gas suspended, warm air industrial heaters in their new showroom premises at Wakefield. Two Winterwarm XR20s and one XR10 heater were installed. This heater was selected for this project because the customer required a very compact, unobtrusive and quiet unit.

Winterwarm XR10 industrial space heater Winterwarm XR20 suspended warm air heater

Retail Heating Solution for Nevada Bob's Golf Retail Store, Leeds, West Yorkshire

Winterwarm TR50 gas fired suspended unit heater

A Winterwarm TR50 gas fired suspended unit heater was installed in a 3,000 sq feet retail store for Nevada Bob's in Leeds, West Yorkshire. The heater has modulating heat output from 50kw to 32kw and the supply air fan also modulates its fan speed, therefore this allows the heater to be very quiet, essential in a retail environment. A Winterwarm WCU60 destratification heat recovery fan was also installed one metre from the apex of the roof to help stop heat accumulating high up in the building.

Retail Heating Solution for L & N Hair and Beauty Supplies, Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire

Winterwarm TR28 gas fired suspended heater

Warmco installed a TR28 gas fired suspended heater within a 2,000 sq feet retail showroom for L &p N Hair and Beauty Supplies based in Milton Keynes. The heater is very compact only 540mm high, so it is ideal for a small retail unit where floor space is at a premium. The TR space heater also qualifies for Enhanced Capital Allowance, because it is above 91 net efficient.

Retail Heating Solution for Timberworks, Settle, North Yorkshire

Ambirad OFSU100 oil fired suspended unit heater

An Ambirad OFSU100 oil fired suspended unit heater was installed within a 4,000 sq feet trade/DIY store for Timberworks, Settle in North Yorkshire.

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