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Frequently asked questions

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What type of spaces would a warm air heaters/ heating systems be good for?

A warm air heating system is ideal for open spaces, ranging from a small area of 500 square feet, up to very large industrial or commercial spaces. These systems suit a variety of uses from smaller workshops, garages, open plan offices and leisure uses, up to larger factories, distribution warehouses, retail spaces and children's play areas. They are designed to be installed in buildings, where the use of the area does not require the doors to be kept open and also where the user wishes to heat the whole space within the building. In some circumstances it is possible to heat smaller areas separated from the main heated space (e.g. showroom), using a ducted system.

What type of spaces would radiant tube heaters be good for?

Radiant tube heaters allow you the opportunity to ‘spot’ heat a specific zone of your premises, if one area needs to be hotter than the other parts of the space, for example the packing area of a warehouse or the check-out section of a wholesalers. Radiant tube heaters can be grouped to ‘spot heat’ a few areas in this way.

What temperatures can they achieve?

Your heating system can be designed to reach your specific temperature requirements. So, for example, it could give basic frost protection in a warehouse aiming for perhaps 13 degrees when it is -1 outside, or it could keep operatives warm in a factory, by achieving eighteen degrees (room temperature). Of course, if you need it to be warmer, perhaps in the café section of a play centre, where customers are sitting still, we can achieve this too. The Winterwarm warm suspended air heaters have the capacity to provide instant heat, warming buildings quickly (depending on outside temperature and sufficient capacity). The heater fans can also be used in summer to provide ventilation.

Where would you site the heater?

To save floor space, the heaters are normally suspended from the structure of the building, either from the roof supports or on wall brackets. However, Powrmatic floor standing cabinet heaters can be used where there is no limitation on the floor space available or in larger buildings where a bigger heat output is required. The heaters would normally be placed wherever they can give the best distribution of heat across the area.

Which fuels can I use to power the heaters?

Our warm air heaters can be powered using natural gas, propane (bulk/bottle supply) or 28 or 35 sec oil, depending on your location and requirements. To use natural gas, you would need a local supply and a gas meter with sufficient capacity. Oil heaters can be supplied from an oil tank, located outside the building. We can advise about the installation of oil tanks, local suppliers and installation. Propane tanks or 47kg propane bottles would also be located outside. Radiant heaters can be fuelled using natural gas or propane supplies. Please telephone our office for more information on which fuel type would work best for you.

How do I control the heating system?

Most Warmco warm air heating systems are operated using a Winterwarm DB8 control panel. This allows the user of the system to have seven-day programming, day and night time temperature settings for frost protection, zoned temperature control and the capacity to create the correct working temperature in advance of the start of the working day. The control panel has a failure diagnosis system, so if a fault occurs on the heater our engineers can be made aware of which parts to bring if there is a breakdown on the heater. The DB8 control panel also automatically modulates the heat/air output from the heater. This means that once the space is up to the desired temperature, the thermostatic control panel will switch the heater onto low fire, to simply ‘top up’ the heat. This allows the area to be heated more efficiently and can save up to 30% on the running costs, compared to a standard heater.

Energy efficiency, ERP directive and annual investment allowance (AIA)?

The majority of the heaters that we install are very energy efficient and comply with the Energy Related Product Directive 2009/125/EC (ErP). Erp is a European Council Regulation which implements a series of measures aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 20% and energy consumption by 20%. Warm air heaters are covered by the scope of Lot 21 of the Directive and radiant heaters are covered by Lot 20. Our Warmco/Wintewarm HR condensing unit heaters are registered on the Government's Energy Technology List (ETL). This list encourages businesses to purchase products with greater energy efficiency. A customer purchasing from the listed equipment is eligible from April 2020, to claim from the Annual Investment Allowance (AIA) scheme, this allows accelerated tax relief which businesses can consider when buying new equipment. The AIA was temporarily increased from 1st January 2019 for 2 years. Please see link below to a Guide regarding Warm air and Radiant heating by the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy.

What are the advantages of installing de-stratification (heat recovery) fans?

De-stratification fans are recommended to be installed alongside our heaters in higher buildings, particularly those over five metres high. These would be installed into the roof / higher levels of the building to push downwards the warm air that would otherwise gather at these high levels. This recirculation helps to raise the temperature in the building, thus reducing the time that the heaters will need to run for, reducing fuel costs considerably. The key advantages are: Heat is continually circulated This reduces heat loss from the roof of the building Energy saving, up to 30%! The fans can be used for ventilation in summer

Do you offer finance to buy heaters?

We can recommend an intermediary who may offer you loans to purchase our heating systems. Please see this section of our website or contact us for more details.

What are your terms and conditions?

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The heater installed by Warmco is absolutely brilliant! It has surpassed our expectations… it is very efficient on gas consumption and overall working with Warmco will save us a lot of money in future. All in all we are over the moon with our heating system and would be very happy to recommend Warmco’s services to anyone.

Russ Moore – A S Plant, Mansfield October 2020

Warmco were very quick to respond to our request for a survey and to quote for our heating; much faster than the response time that I have generally come to expect form other companies. The engineers communicated well and worked round our site requirements, to create minimal disruption to ourselves and our customers. We are pleased with our heating, it is working well. Warmco have been available to assist with giving advice on our system. Overall, we were very impressed from the start to finish of our dealings with Warmco.

Mark Donoghue – Brownhills Leisure World – November 2020

Overall I'm happy with the service provided by Warmco. The site visit and quoting process was good. The install guys were good, on time, seemed to get on with the job and completed it on time with good communications. As for the heaters, as it hasn’t been too cold as yet, I can't comment fully on how effective they are.”

Darrell Freeman – Big Dude Clothing, Ellesmere Port October 2020

Warmco were knowledgeable when it came to recommending a heating system to us. They explained the system in a way that gave us confidence in the products and services they were offering. Most importantly, the price was right. The installation was great, the engineers came when we were told they would, worked round our warehouse operations, did a neat job of the installation and were clean and tidy. We are pleased to say that the heating does exactly what we need it to do.

Kevin Wright – Italy Hair and Beauty Ltd, Wrexham - August 2020